Photo of Tami looking down wearing a hat she knit.

I’m currently a product designer on the Trust team at LinkedIn and am based in the SF Bay Area. My focus for the last two years has been on trust-building/breaking experiences, ranging from how to handle the accounts of the deceased (memorialization) to helping members clean up damaging activity done while their accounts were compromised.

Prior to joining the Trust team, I was on the Infrastructure team working on navigation and system-wide patterns. I love drawing connections and looking at things holistically which both of these horizontal teams allowed to make the most of.

Besides 7+ years in UX, I built a powerhouse of a creative team that handled all aspects of design—from print to web—at Tea Collection, getting deep e-commerce and catalog experience. With a comparative literature degree from Dartmouth College, my path to design is traced from a love of words and the power of storytelling—verbally, visually and, now with UX, experientially.

Outside of design, I knit, almost solely sweaters, and enjoy encouraging others around me to join me in my addiction.

When not stationary while designing or knitting, I love spending time with my family, preferably outdoors hiking or walking the streets of an unexplored city.

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